Barcelona’s 5,000 capacity event saw no sign of Covid-19 transmission

Last month the Spanish city Barcelona hosted a none social distanced event, seeing 5,000 attendees, it was an experiment to see how there could be a return of mass gatherings and events in a safe manner without the risk of another wave of Covid-19. Taking place on Saturday, March 27 at the Palau Sant Jordi, the government-backed show saw concert-goers being required to wear masks and required to take a Covid test from medical professionals, however, no one was required to socially distance. Featuring a live performance from the band Love of Lesbian, scientists are now presenting the results discovered from the show.

Results have found that of the 4,994 people that attended only 6 tested positive in the 14 days following the concert, with researchers concluding that 4 of them were not infected at the show but actually elsewhere. These findings show that infection rates of the concert-goers were half that of the normal rate for the age range. Infectious disease specialist Josep Maria Llibre behind the study stated in a press conference about the results:

“There is no sign that suggests transmission took place during the event. These are very reassuring data and we believe that can be helpful in opening cultural activities everywhere in the world. Analysing the data available, the possibility that these people had contracted the virus at the event is minimal.”


This event in Barcelona matches other trial shows that are taking place around the world such as a 1,500 capacity event that took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands last month and also one taking place soon in Liverpool, United Kingdom which is seeing up to 6,000 attendees. Hopefully, these trials and findings are proof that a return to festivals, concerts, and clubs is a reality we will soon see. You can see a statement and aftermovie from the band playing the concert, Love of Lesbian here.


Image Credit: Press


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