The Knocks Unveil First Independent Release in Over a Decade, “I Promise”

Renowned dance music duo The Knocks have returned with "I Promise," a triumphant track marking their first release as independent artists in over a decade.

Released on their own Black Clay label, "I Promise" is tailor-made for sun-kissed pools and beach romps, designed to soundtrack for summer days. For longtime fans of The Knocks, the tune is a nostalgic nod to their early hits.

"I Promise" shines with its bright keys, bubbly disco synths and the inviting warmth of The Knocks' vocals. The song exudes their signature sense of sonic mirth, radiating an infectious energy that makes it impossible to dance.

"This song marks our first release on our own label as independent artists in over 10 years!" the duo wrote on social media. "In honor of that we wanted to release something that felt like a Knocks staple & reminiscent of some of our earlier cornerstone tunes. This record is built for warm weather & we hope it soundtracks some great memories for you this summer."

Accompanying the release is a vibrant claymation visualizer video, which adds an extra layer of charm to the intoxicating tune thanks to its adorable band of whimsical animated animals.

Check out the video below and find "I Promise" on streaming platforms here.




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