The Netherlands will not open clubs until COVID-19 vaccine is available

The Netherlands’ prime minister, Mark Rutte, has announced that the Netherlands will not reopen nightclubs until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. Nightclubs were expected to reopen with safety measures on September 1st, but it has been indefinitely moved due to coronavirus cases surging.

This news came in a press conference on October 13th, paired with new restrictions for the country. The new restrictions include a ban on outdoor events and public alcohol consumption. The standard social distancing rules and capacity limits still stand. The Prime Minister stated:

“We hope that the clubs and discotheques can open again before there is a vaccine, but at the moment that is simply unwise. Too often outbreaks of infection have occurred [at nightclubs] in Europe… I think it’s terrible for them. This sector is important for life in the Netherlands.”

Even though there is a relatively low number of cases in the Netherlands, Prime Minister Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge are taking no chances. Moreover, the Dutch government has purchased more equipment to test effectively for COVID-19 for months to come. Rutte and de Jonge believe that a vaccine can be available in early 2021, as its development progresses. This is a big blow for the nightlife industry for now, but we are certain that the end of this unforeseen year is near for many countries around the world. We will keep you updated on any developing stories with COVID-19 and the re-opening of the nightlife industry.

H/T: NL Times Image Credit: Reuters

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