This Interactive Moss Speaker Doubles As an Air Purifier

What if a Bluetooth speaker, visualizer, living plant and air purifier were all combined into one gadget? That's the magic of the Moss Echo, an innovative piece of audio tech that features real, living moss on a replaceable filter, surrounded by an interactive LED display.

Not only does the gadget look sleek, but its moss improves indoor air quality and significantly reduces carbon dioxide, according to its creators at Moss Lab, who said the unit also minimizes dust in the home by a staggering 90%.

How can moss produce such a massive difference in air quality? The plant has miniature, leaf-like phyllids, which suck up pollutants and emit clean air back into the environment. That means the moss renders the device a powerful purifier in addition to its hi-tech music and light capabilities.

The Moss Echo even comes with a sleek spray bottle for watering. When the moss is sprayed, the mechanism's LED visual display reacts in real-time, and in speaker mode, it reacts to music. Users can also download a dedicated smartphone app, which allows them to customize the interface and display skins, like adorable, animated animal graphics.

The Moss Echo.

Moss Lab

When it's time for bed, the Moss Echo's sleep mode automatically turns off its lights and sound. And in the morning, you can wake up with nature-inspired alarms or a calming visual display.

To keep the moss alive, the gadget's creators recommend spritzing it a few times each day. However, the moss is able to survive for up to six months without water and will remain healthy and vibrant for years, even with irregular watering. Replacement filters are available at an additional cost, should you need them.

The Moss Echo is available on Kickstarter for $179 and worldwide shipping is set to commence this November. Watch the device in action below.


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