Buzzing Producer Cristoph Unveils Career-Defining Project, “FaCet, Vol. 1”

Curating seven mesmerizing tracks that perfectly combine the worlds of techno and progressive, Cristoph has embarked on an exciting new journey with FaCet, Vol. 1.

Led by previously released singles “Tha Music” and “You,” FaCet, Vol. 1 is undoubtedly Cristoph’s most ambitious project to date and it's powered by his own label, Consequence of Society. The promising imprint was initially launched last year in order to host Cristoph's own productions but is now gearing up to drop dazzling dance music releases from the artist's close friends and like-minded artists in the not-too-distant future.

FaCet, Vol. 1 is filled with exciting techno and progressive moments all throughout, with its arrangements catered towards lighting up dancefloors and its deep sounds expertly curated to rattle any speaker system. From the anthemic energy of “Saints & Sinners" to the gritty basslines of “Seize” and the subtle future rave sensibilities of “Swoon,” it’s clear that the U.K. beatsmith has a tour de force on his hands.

“The concept around this release is to showcase my music across different genres," Cristoph explains. "The word 'facet' means 'one side of something many-sided', and I believe this release reflects that in the tracks I have chosen."

Take a listen to FaCet, Vol. 1 below. 

Hailing from Newcastle, Cristoph's sound has catapulted him to international acclaim while taking him to a number of iconic stages, like Tomorrowland, Hï Ibiza, Ultra Music Festival and Parklife. Back in 2018, he collaborated with hit-making dance music duo CamelPhat to release “Breathe,” which dominated the underground circuit on top of earning widespread commercial success. His music has received support from the likes of Eric Prdyz, John Digweed, Hot Since 82 and many more.

"Each release of FaCet is part of a journey, in the same way my sets bring people on a journey when I DJ,” Cristoph continues. “Producing music in different genres allows me to open up as an artist and FaCet is an example of this. It gives me the opportunity to grow and evolve as an artist, while at the same time, it challenges me to advance my production techniques. I'm constantly pushing myself to go to the next level, and FaCet is just the start of what's to come." caught up with Cristoph to talk about FaCet, Vol. 1, his new imprint and more. Congratulations on the release of FaCet, Vol. 1! How would you describe the overall sound and sonic direction of this project?

CristophThank you. This volume of FaCet is aimed strictly at the dancefloor. I wanted to put out some records which had the energy to play at peak times of the night or would take the listener on a trip to help bridge certain areas in my sets. I tried to keep it on a bit of a darker edge too as I always feel that when I play those type of tracks they connect well with people in the clubs. The title of the project, FaCet, suggests that you are showcasing different sides of your music. Can you tell us a little bit about the unique genres and styles that you explore on this album?

CristophThe whole FaCet concept is something I want to build on the label to showcase different sides to my music. When I DJ I try to play across many subgenres to help create that "journey" for the audience, so if I’m to DJ that way I feel I need to produce that way as well. It’s always good to push the boundaries as a producer, and as a person, I find it’s the best way to evolve and grow.

I don’t want to be a one-dimensional artist. On this series I have tried to keep the music a lot more dancefloor led but the tracks can be utilized at different points of the night. Some are a lot heavier and more driving than others, while some are a little more melodic-led. Which track on FaCet, Vol. 1 do you believe best reflects your personal style and why?

CristophMy personal style honestly changes weekly, if not daily. I try to express my emotions or feelings that I’m experiencing at that moment in my life when I sit down in the studio. Right now I think "Trigger" reflects my life the most as it’s a track that seems to take you on a bit of a journey and with the move to America and a lot of stuff that is going on in my personal life that’s the one I relate to the most. You founded your label, Consequence of Society, to host your own releases. What was the inspiration behind the imprint, and what can we expect from it in the future?

CristophThe name comes from the thought process that I believe the music I enjoy and play is all a consequence of the society I grew up in. The day-to-day life I have and all the things I have experienced all add to the music I make. Going forward I'll continue to release my own music, and some collaborations, then maybe look to get some remixers onboard before fully opening it up to other artists. A major goal I have is to build the label to a level where I can help other artists grow and also start putting on label nights and showcases. FaCet, Vol. 1 is your most ambitious project to date. How did you challenge yourself while creating this album, and what did you learn during the production process?

Cristoph: Every week I’m in the studio I try to learn more about myself as a producer. I try to become more in tune with my feelings and express them through music. This project was no different. I wanted a body of work that was aimed strictly at dancefloors, for the ravers. Coming out of lockdown and having our lives suppressed the way they were I felt it was something I needed to do. Granted it took a little longer than expected but that’s when the idea originated. You've played at many iconic stages around the world. Did your experiences performing live influence the direction of this project in any way?

CristophOne hundred percent. A lot of tours, gigs, places you visit, people you meet all have a huge influence on my music. Also playing diff set times, different venues etc allow you to open up your mind and dictate different styles of music that I write. You've collaborated with CamelPhat in the past, and your music has received support from A-listers like Eric Prydz and John Digweed. Who are some other artists that have inspired you throughout your career, and are there any exciting collaborations that you have in the works?

CristophThe likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Danny Howells have played major roles in the music I play and make. The way they DJ is incredible and I’m always striving to learn more from them and others alike. Masters At Work, MK, Graeme Park have all played their part too as my brother introduced me to them at a really young age as that’s the music he would play.

Collaborations wise there are a few ideas floating about with the likes of Massano, Layer J, Black Circle amongst others, and more with Artche and ADZ but nothing is set in stone as of yet. We understand that FaCet, Vol. 1 marks the start of a new journey for you as an artist. What are your upcoming plans in terms of music releases, and what can fans expect from you throughout the rest of the year?

Cristoph: So next I have a track called "The Edge" coming out on June 1st which is a collaboration with ADZ and has vocals from Luke Coulson. Both amazing artists. Then I’m working on a new track with Jem Cooke called ‘Paradise’. I’m hoping to rework and release "Alone" at some point, some other stuff with Defected and the Anjuna guys then I’m looking to release FaCet Volume 2 towards the end of the year to coincide with a tour we have in the works. 



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