Yotto and AVIRA’s New Single is an Anthemic Ode to Emotional Emancipation: Listen

Yotto and AVIRA have joined forces to release "Forget," a melodic house masterclass in capturing the paradoxical pain and liberation of letting go.

Out now on Yotto's Odd One Out label, the track features an aching vocal performance by ALSO ASTIR. His lyrics viscerally evoke the suffocating grip of lingering attachment, likening it to physical shackles restraining the soul: "Your heart will enslave me / With collars on my wrists." Then his pleas to "let me forget our time" cut like a knife, severing those emotional chains.

But Yotto and AVIRA's haunting production provides a soundtrack to those anguished recollections flooding back, only to cede to transcendent, expansive choruses—the mind finally escaping its ghost. As the song escalates, it swells with anthemic grandeur, ultimately delivering a profound yet danceable exploration of how letting go is both brutal and restorative.

Take a listen to "Forget" below and find the song on streaming platforms here.


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