This Otherworldly Installation at Miami Art Week Featured Vinyl Adorned With Rocks From Outer Space

This year's Miami Art Week attracted tens of thousands of creatives to the city to experience an array of innovative exhibitions from over 1,200 galleries. One of the most cutting-edge took place at the Alcova design show, which featured a vinyl record embedded with actual rocks from outer space.

The exhibition appeared at Miami's Selina Gold Dust, which hosted's "Global Networking Event" back in March, and artists reimagined the property's motel rooms into their own bespoke gallery.

Titled "decades ( in space )," the vinyl record with embedded space rocks benefitted dublab, a non-profit digital radio station. It was designed by multi-disciplinary artist Dyan Jong and design researcher Rucker Manley. The "Galaxy Chairs" design team included Marijke Jorritsma, a UX Designer currently working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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The area was transformed into a golden, interstellar-themed listening room, which was adorned in the same iridescent thermal wrapping used in spacecrafts. Inside, visitors could sit in specially designed "Galaxy Chairs," which were assembled from the vinyl album's packaging, to listen to the record. 

Four speakers set up around the room helped create an immersive listening experience. The music featured a curated selection of 10 songs by 20 different artists and limited-edition vinyl copies were available for purchase, including a special "make space" kit that came with a "Galaxy Chair."

The record is available to stream digitally here.

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