Tomorrowland 2022: New video shows exciting ground preparations for July

The anticipation surrounding the 2022 edition of Tomorrowland is sky high as July quickly approaches. Those from all over the world eagerly await the return to Boom, Belgium, and with a new video emerging on YouTube, the grounds of the festival look better than ever.

With Tomorrowland 2022 only a few weeks away from its first event since 2019, it’s hard not to get incredibly excited for what will be the first three-weekend run in its history. Hundreds of thousands of attendees will get to witness the breathtaking grounds that Tomorrowland has become notorious for. Each year, whether in person or on the stream, we are always blown away by the way Tomorrowland can transform an area of land into an entirely separate world away from this one.

Now with a new video posted on Youtube, we are fortunate enough to see the park almost a month before the event begins. And it looks astonishing.

The video depicts the preparations of Tomorrowland 2022 as of June 22nd. With an ariel shot from a drone, we are able to see the entire site of the festival for two straight minutes. The big question many have is, what does the mainstage design look like? Unfortunately, from the video angle you can’t see the front of the stage as the drone comes in from behind. But from leaked photos online, it will feature a futuristic build that correlates with the theme of Tomorrowland 2022, ‘The Reflection of Love.’

The drone video has since been taken down, but there are multiple photos of Tomorrowland 2022 currently show the progress as of today.

Check out images of Tomorrowland 2022 below and view the full lineup here. 

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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