Tomorrowland Has Inspired an “Epic Fantasy Trilogy” of Novels and Films

The iconic Tomorrowland music festival is getting an official beach read makeover, thanks to an "epic fantasy trilogy" of book adaptations that are about to hit the global entertainment marketplace.

Soon, you'll be able to experience all the highs and lows of a fantasy rave bae relationship, from the physical and emotional comforts of your own home.

Just kidding. But what we do know is that—at least for the first installment—themes of unity, love and nature will be at the forefront, according to literary agent Paul Lucas of Janklow & Nesbit. He'll reportedly be representing the project's fiction series rights while United Talent Agency's Jason Richman will be handling the book-to-screen end.

What are the books actually about? Where are the characters from? If there's a movie, is it going to be filmed at the actual Tomorrowland festival? And will George Clooney star in that one, too? 

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Tomorrowland Has Inspired an "Epic Fantasy Trilogy" of Novels and Films

The Tomorrowland plot thickens.

"Every year Tomorrowland presents a new festival theme, (and) as the stories of each theme cannot be expressed fully during the festival, we have dreamt for years of taking more time to develop them," hinted Tomorrowland founder Michiel Beers in a press release. This year's theme, for example, will be "The Reflection of Love."

Taking place across three weekends for the very first time in July 2022, Tomorrowland is already set to make history at least once this year. Check out the official trailer below. 



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