Turn Back Time With Destructo’s Nostalgic “Future Funk” EP

The four-track EP features collaborations with TroyBoi, Tima Dee, Chromeo and Migingo.

Past + present = Future Funk.

Renowned DJ, producer and music entrepreneur Destructo bridged the gap between electronic music's past and present to create his new EP, Future Funk. He began his storied career in the '90s, and he had ample exposure to the music scene while growing up.

"My dad ran a nightclub in New Orleans in the '80s called the Famous—these tunes are a tribute to that era with a futuristic spin on it," Destructo said in a press release shared with EDM.com. "I’m bringing the Funk back to House in 2023.”

Destructo with the seminal '80s funk group, The Gap Band.

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With the goal to revisit sonics from the '80s and '90s through a modern lens, Destructo's new EP kicks off with a "Perfect Beat"—literally. Laced with nostalgic synths and acid bass, the track has a prominent beat that flitters with crisp hi-hats and pumping kick drums.

Next comes "You're The One For Me," a stunning collaboration with celebrated trap luminary TroyBoi. Released as a single in the summer of 2021, the sultry track reimagines D Train's 1981 song of the same name. 

In a 2021 interview with EDM.com, Destructo explained how he secured the rights to work on this track, saying he and TroyBoi had sent the demo back and forth numerous times to get it right. "After some time it just came out naturally," he told us at the time.

While their sounds vastly differ, Destructo and TroyBoi melded their techniques seamlessly and produced a sprightly, disco-inspired bop. The former said "You're The One For Me" is reminiscent of his childhood in New Orleans—and that's no surprise considering its infectiously groovy rhythm, which fuses retro funk and house sensibilities into a timeless blend. 

You can check out the official music video, directed by Alex "GRIZZ" Loucas, below.


Then comes "F With Me," an '80s-inspired synthpop pastiche created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based vocalist Tima Dee and Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo. The track begins with a vocded intro before leading into a funky baseline complimented by Dee's lyricism.

And finally, “The Future Is Faster” is an intergalactic disco jam from Misingo, a four-piece dance music outfit consisting of Destructo, renowned house music producer Doorly and Australian multi-instrumentalist duo Colour Castle. 

Listen to Destructo's Future Funk EP below and on streaming platforms here

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