5 Reasons Why Silencio UMBRA Is Poised for an Enchanting Festival Debut In Oaxaca

No stone was left unturned in curating this first-rate blend of music, culture and atmosphere that's set to land in the mountainous Oaxacan landscape.

Oaxaca's mysterious Valley of Xaaga—known as the Valley of Silence—is about to be churning to the sounds of the underground.

The setting is a boutique luxury retreat owned by El Silencio, an artisanal beverage company based in Oaxaca. Equipped with an in-house distillery, this hidden gem is dedicated to sustainably preserving the ancient Oaxacan tradition of curating agave-based spirits and regional cuisine.

Casa Silencio

Casa Silencio

Now, the company is focusing its efforts on a new kind of transformational experience, Silencio UMBRA, an event that melds the organization's modernized spin on ancient culinary traditions with the similarly unifying power of electronic music.

Despite being one night only, this niche experience has the power to put Casa Silencio on the map. Tickets to the public debut of Silencio UMBRA are on sale now.

Boutique festival experience at a one-of-a-kind luxury retreat

Nestled in the mysterious Valley of Silence is Casa Silencio, a sprawling, 16-acre luxury retreat with the tools equipped to showcase Oaxaca's most famous export: mezcal. 

But in a setting layered with centuries of character and ancient history, Casa Silencio is about more than selling product. It's about cultural immersion.

"We don’t just sell mezcal," El Silencio Co-Founder Fausto Zapata previously told the New York Times. "We sell Oaxaca in a bottle."

Ordinarily, Casa Silencio hosts guests in just six suites on the property, many of whom travel internationally for the experience. While the establishment is new to the storied region, Casa Silencio has already been the subject of great interest for international travelers and quickly established its spot on the esteemed Conde Nast Traveler's 2022 Hot List. While there's no overnight lodging onsite during Silencio UMBRA, the event marks an opportunity for more of the public to experience the sights and sounds of the region like never before.

Silencio Umbra Teams Up With Cercle

When it comes to curating niche cultural experiences in locations that spur excitement, wonder and the urge to dance, there's no better partner than Cercle, who were honored in EDM.com's "Best Industry Leaders" list in 2020. Silencio UMBRA is tapping the events powerhouse on the curation side to once again transform the way EDM fans experience the genre and the world at large.


A shadowy showcase of techno and house music

By its very nature, the underground electronic music scene has adapted to survive and thrive amid the shadows and smoke-filled rooms, but at Silencio UMBRA there's nothing obscuring this eye-catching lineup of dance music greats.

The Martinez Brothers, LP Giobbi, Bonobo and many more will be taking their talents to the valley in less than two weeks to soundtrack the night.

Starting at sundown, Silencio UMBRA is kicking off with 11 sets through what's sure to be a curiously winding journey down the never-ending techno rabbit hole. The evening kicks off with Sofiane Pamart and RY X delivering the opening sets, and concludes with Carlita giving attendees a sendoff at sunrise.

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A showcase in culinary greatness

Silencio UMBRA is about more than just the music. It's a demonstration of Oaxaca's rich culture expressed through cuisine.

Guided by the vision of Casa Silencio's Chef Daniel Robles, representatives from Oaxaca's top restaurants will be onsite taking attendees through a journey throughout the evening with a menu that includes elevated takes on traditional regional dishes.

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With an in-house distillery on their home turf, Silencio Mezcal is tapping into their depth chart of special edition mezcals and maintaining an open bar all night long. 

Guests will be among the first to experience Silencio's newest expression, Silencio UMBRA Mezcal, and taste this black liquid creation that is said to be as obscure as the Oaxacan night.

Spellbinding live performance art

Artistic installations have recently become a staple of the music festival experience, but nothing comes to life like the surrealist performance art delivered by Ritual Ibiza.

The collective of awe-inspiring performers have captivated the attention and minds of music fans across the globe in recent memory. With otherworldly costume design, stimulating light shows and gravity-defying feats, Ritual Ibiza's performances have a habit of sticking in the minds of those who bear witness long after the show has concluded.

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Silencio UMBRA takes over Casa Silencio on February 18th, 2023, and the final tier of available tickets are on sale now.

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