Watch Martin Garrix’s 3-Hour “IDEM” Performance at RAI Amsterdam

After last year's return of Martin Garrix's fan-favorite solo shows at the RAI Amsterdam, fans of the Dutch superstar can now watch his full, three-hour "IDEM" performance on YouTube.

"IDEM" translates to "the same" in Latin and the concept is said to represent the "culmination of a decade-long journey" for Garrix, whose music recently surpassed a staggering 11 billion streams on Spotify. Serving as a closing chapter, the event turned the clock back to production milestones of yesteryear, taking fans through "D3.bug," "ANIMA" and "SENTIO."

The pair of shows, which took place during the 2023 Amsterdam Dance Event, sold out in record time, according to a press release. Garrix played a slew of his biggest mashups and hits, like "In The Name Of Love" and "No Sleep."

You can watch Garrix's full "IDEM" performance below.




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