Wreckno and EAZYBAKED Team Up for Nasty Trap and Hip-Hop Hybrid, “Stomper”

Wreckno unapologetic vocal performance perfectly complements EAZYBAKED's raw and heavy-hitting sound design.

Wreckno and EAZYBAKED have joined forces for "Stomper," a brand new track that brings together the talents of two surging acts in the world of bass music.

With its bold sound design, captivating vocals and undeniable groove, "Stomper" is a prime example of the innovative and boundary-pushing music that continues to emerge from the experimental bass scene. Combining the vocal moxie of EDM.com Class of 2022 star Wreckno and the heavy-hitting experimental trap beats of EAZYBAKED, it's a huge trap and hip-hop hybrid.

The track opens with a muted melody that gradually builds in intensity, setting the stage for the explosive verses that follow. From there, "Stomper" unleashes a barrage of deep, pulsing basslines, glitchy sound effects and intricate percussion that will leave fans feeling like they've been transported to a futuristic dancefloor.

One of the standout features of the song is Wreckno's vocal performance. Their unapologetic lyrics, which touch on themes of self-expression and disproving naysayers, are delivered with a typically raw energy that perfectly complements EAZYBAKED's driving rhythms.

Take a listen to "Stomper" below and stream the track here.



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