10 Photos That Capture the Multi-Sensory Visual Wonderland of Senza Fine

The third edition of Senza Fine featured performances from Seth Troxler, Carlita and HVOB, alongside spectacular visuals by Ben Heim.

Senza Fine’s third edition was a multi-sensory exploration of sound and art.

Co-founded by Carlita and DJ Tennis—who also perform as a DJ duo under their Astra Club moniker—Senza Fine is a lifestyle brand spanning music and fashion. In partnership with Teksupport, their show during New York Fashion Week 2023 took place at ArtsDistrict, a 25,000-square foot event space on the edge of the East River in Brooklyn.

Given Senza Fine is Italian for "endless," the venue’s immersive, 360° projection system and revolving stage were a perfect parallel for the brand. Alongside a rousing roster of musical acts including Seth Troxler, HVOB, Ahmed Spins and Carlita, audiovisual artist Ben Heim brought the venue’s visual spectacle to life with over 80 projectors and real-time control of generative, audio-reactive visuals with an Xbox controller.

For revelers looking for a stripped-down experience, a secret second stage called the EXIT Room featured minimal production and open decks.

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Hosting Senza Fine was a personal challenge for Carlita, who said her "heart was heavy due to what's happening in Turkey & Syria" in a heartfelt Instagram post. She added that it was “probably the hardest event I've had to organize with my team."

The event took place a few days after the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, which are estimated to have had a combined death toll of over 47,000. Carlita, who was born and raised in Istanbul, utilized Senza Fine to raise awareness and funds. 

Desks with QR codes for donations to earthquake relief websites were placed around the venues. Carlita and Ahmed Spins also donated 100% of their booking fees for the cause while partners for the event agreed to do a profit share with proceeds allotted to earthquake relief efforts.

As for the music, HVOB arguably had the most striking performance of the night with a live club set. Hearing Anna Müller’s live vocals was a real treat. From sorrow to determination, her voice exuded a range of powerful emotions. Balancing the emotive vocals was Paul Wallner’s production, minimal yet emphatic with booming drums and eerie synths. Naturally, HVOB’s set was all original, including plenty of cuts from their latest album TOO, like “Capture Casa” and “Kid Anthem.” But it also featured music from as far back as 2015, like their classic tune “Tender Skin.”

Carlita’s set was a crowd favorite. She spun high-octane tracks like a cheeky tech house edit of Solomun’s timeless "Vox Mix" of “Around” and “Naquele Pique” by Gabe, Eddy M and MC Th.

Known for his afterhour sets, Troxler was the perfect DJ to close the night. He serenaded the crowd with smooth, house-driven remixes of hit songs like Drake’s “Falling Back” and R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion.”

To get a taste of the Senza fine experience, here are 10 photos that capture its visual wonderland.

The calm before the storm at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

Ahmed Spins performs at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

Carlita performs at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

Visuals of Mona Lisa across the walls of the venue at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

HVOB perform a live club set at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

The view from the side-stage at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

No matter where you stood in the crowd, the projection mapping was a treat at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

Attendees snap photos against the audio-reactive backdrop of Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

The EXIT Room, a secret second stage at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

Up close at the DJ booth in the EXIT Room at Senza Fine.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

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