5 DJs Who Need to Perform in the Jaw-Dropping Las Vegas Sphere

The new light of Sin City is expected to open for its first official concert on September 29th, and anticipation is already building as to which artists will grace its jaw-dropping stage.

The $2.3 billion MSG Sphere complex first lit up the Las Vegas strip in early July, and it hasn't ceased to leave the spotlight since then. As the Sphere is readied for U2's upcoming grand opening performance, we're considering which electronic music acts would be most inclined to leverage its elevated visual capacity.

There's no shortage of DJs deserving of a coveted booking at the Sphere, but we've selected a handful equipped to meet the challenge.

Tale of Us

Undoubtedly, Tale of US are among the best positioned to capitalize on the Sphere's unique capabilities. The Afterlife visionaries have been bringing their heralded dystopian robot visuals to massive festivals and standalone complexes across the country, and a trip to the Sphere seems like a logical next step. 


Eric Prydz

Imagine Eric Prydz' HOLO visuals leaping out from the walls of the all-encompassing Sphere. From massive gliding humpback whales to clenched fingers uncurling in 3D from the stage, the "Opus" producer's one-of-a-kind experience is built for the cutting-edge venue. 



ODESZA have been raising the industry standard for what "cinematic" visuals look like for years. The powerhouse duo can do it all, and the visual experience they could potentially bring to thousands at the Sphere is one we can only dream of.



"The Spectacle" is a newcomer to the world of immersive visuals, but there's already tangible excitement for what Rezz has in store. The debut of her new production at Red Rocks featured an ambitious offering of visuals surrounding her signature glowing glasses, and we look forward to the day her shades are haunting the Sphere's walls.


The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have become known for their robust arrangement of vividly psychedelic visuals, from larger-than-life robots to calming colonies of butterflies. Landmark European festivals have been the primary beneficiaries of the legendary duo's stage production in 2023, but we're holding out hope they can be swayed to Sin City with a high-profile booking at the city's new premier venue.


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