Aazar and Capozzi Unveil Joint Alias, Vertigo, With Impassioned Debut Single “Hit My Heart”

In the vast expanse of dance music, where house meets the fragile strings of the heart, Aazar and Capozzi have woven a new narrative with Vertigo, their new collaborative alias.

Unveiled alongside their mesmerizing debut single "Hit My Heart," Vertigo sought out the spellbinding voice of American Idol alum Makayla Phillips to help make it a reality. From a production standpoint, "Hit My Heart" is an auditory tour de force, seamlessly blending Capozzi’s bass house and techno sensibilities with Aazar’s evocative melodies.

The artistic combination creates a dynamic tension that propels the track forward with relentless energy. Phillips' voice soars above this potent mix, delivering a performance that's both intensely passionate and heartbreakingly vulnerable.

Thematically, "Hit My Heart" delves deep into the throes of lovesickness and the delicate agony of a fragile heart. Phillips' emotive plea reverberates with an urgency that elevates the track into an emotional crescendo. All said and done the track showcases the harmonious blend of Aazar and Capozzi's respective talents, creating a combination destined to attract new fans in their burgeoning collaborative chapter. 

Listen to "Hit My Heart" below and find it on streaming platforms here.