Los Angeles’ Ravell Explores A Dark, Dirty House ….

Ravell’s musical journey begins in Los Angeles, where his love for DJing and electronic first began to blossom. He emerged from the local scene with a relentless drive, playing smaller venues to perfect his sound. This early phase, marked by experimentation and growth, set the stage for his rise in the electronic dance music world.

“Like That,” his latest release, and shows just how far he’s come. The track is a dark and mesmerizing blend of tech house and bass house elements, pulling listeners into a hypnotic state. With its intense basslines and swirling synths, the song creates an atmosphere that’s both gripping and immersive. No matter what walk of life you come from, this single has elements that everyone can connect with.

Ravell’s accolades are noteworthy. His tracks, including hits like “Get Away” and “That Body,” have millions of streams and support from industry giants like Kaskade, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto. Each performance and release reinforces Ravell’s standing as a major force in electronic music. He has graced iconic stages such as Coachella’s Sahara Tent, XS Nightclub, Encore Beach Club, and EDC Las Vegas. This only scratches the surface.

Hear the song for yourself directly below.

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