ADA-Focused Shine Music Festival Readies Third Year of Entertainment in Denver

Shine's mission to make music festivals accessible to patrons of all abilities is set to continue into its third year at Reelworks Denver.

Shine Music Festival has created a new paradigm for the festival experience as many know it. The donation-optional, non-profit event welcomes ADA- and able-bodied patrons alike into a shared space to collectively enjoy the experience.

Shine's organizers are well-versed in what it takes to curate an environment that's inclusive to all. The festival features a vibrotactile dancefloor from Feel The Beat, which effectively allows users to experience sound by way of vibration.  Additional music tech is available and accessible onsite, including XRAI Glass' speciality subtitle-generating glasses.

The venue also features a diverse range of environments, including both indoor and outdoor components as well as dedicated sensory zones by The Sensory Club for neurodivergent attendees who may be prone to overstimulation.

Shine Music Festival's 2023 lineup is helmed by Denver-based jamtronica outfit SunSquabi and Neal Evans Fro Down, a supergroup comprised in part by Dopapod drummer Neal Evans, Thievery Corporation's Dan Africano and Harry Waters, son of Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. 

Fans can donate to Shine Music Festival here. The festival begins at noon local time on August 26th.

c/o Shine Music Festival



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