Marshmello Reveals New Riddim Album Before Release of “Joytime IV”

One of the biggest figures in modern-day dance music has announced a riddim album on the way.

That's right, Marshmello will be stepping into the sewer for a new riddim album that will be released before the next chapter in his Joytime series. Unfortunately for fans hoping to see what exactly this will look like when it arrives, the details are limited to Mello's terse announcement below.

"Imma drop a riddim album before I drop joytime," the masked producer tweeted.

The news should come as no surprise to fans of Marshmello, who has been publicly embracing riddim this year. In response to a fan asking to hear more of his heavier side, he revealed in July that he's "been in a riddim mood since edc."

He then followed up with a tweet about wanting to create a new album. While this isn't exactly a revelation for a recording artist with multiple albums under his belt, a follow-up post showing him in the studio with Infekt raised eyebrows and gave fans reason to believe a collaboration is in the works.

It's worth noting that Mello has been heavily supporting Infekt's music as of late, particularly his track "Boundless."

The title and release date of Marshmello's riddim album are not yet known at the time of writing.



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