Aluna’s Powerful New Dance Album Is a Tribute to Forging Your Own Path: Listen to “MYCELiUM”

Aluna's new album is a testament to her convictions.

MYCELiUM is a loud-and-proud reminder of her proclivity to take risks, break down barriers and forge her own path to create music for the soul. The album invites its listeners to be bright, bold and unapologetic through 14 unique tracks that celebrate individuality through the influence of 90s-era dance music.

"The Mycelium is the cell network seeped into the fabric of nature. I’m not talking about the bloom or the fruits. You need to lay the groundwork to see the fruit one day," Aluna said in a press release. "I got burnt out from trying to work with powerful people who have lots of money and no actual genuine care for what I’m trying to do. I realized there was no foundation where I was standing, and we have to build our own foundation."

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The album kicks off with an eerie lyrical intro that tickles the ears with a soliloquy about interconnectedness and the unseen magic in life. Aluna proceeds to blow the doors off, flinging headlong into a house-infused journey connected by bubbly vocals and entrancing beats. 

"Underwater" (with Route 94) and "Killing Me" (with TSHA) blend upbeat melodies with stunning, ethereal vocals. Meanwhile, the chest-thumping "Supernova" (with The Picard Brothers and Class of 2022 star Kaleena Zanders) stomps through with playful disco and groove-laden rhythms.

After a dreamlike interlude, we're pulled deeper into Aluna's mystical world. The second half of the album turns up the heat, especially with the radiant "Oh The Glamour," a brazen and confident anthem produced alongside Pabllo Vittar, MNEK and Eden Prince. The album then effortlessly flows into Aluna's hit collaborations, "Running Blind" (with Tchami and Kareen Lomax) and "Beggin'" (with Chris Lake).

MYCELiUM ends on a hypnotizing note with "Playin Wit Ya," wherein propulsive production from Walker & Royce reinforces the celebration of self through visceral deep house grooves. The final track, "Future" brings it all home with a stunning Afro-house coda.

Listen to MYCELiUM below and find the album on streaming platforms here.



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