Armin van Buuren and Chef’Special’s “Larger Than Life” Is a Game-Changer, Thanks to the Dutch Men’s Football Team

Armin van Buuren and Chef'Special are in a championship state of mind.

Joining forces with the Dutch men's national football team, the beloved Dutch hitmakers have released "Larger Than Life," a collaboration that lives up to its name in all forms.

Armin van Buuren and Chef'Special, the indie-pop ensemble, found common ground in a shared vision: to inspire greatness. The result is "Larger Than Life," a testament to their collective sense of energy and ambition, with anthemic melodic synths and stadium-filling claps and chants contributed by the vaunted Dutch men's football team.

"We wrote 'Larger Than Life' from the desire to spark a fire," Chef'Special's frontman, Joshua Nolet, explained. "It's about the journey that hopefully leads to greatness, meaning something that’s bigger than ourselves. That process and that type of belief in one another can lift you up and make you feel larger than life. When we combine our strengths and connect as human beings, there’s nothing we’re incapable of."


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chef’Special and the Dutch men’s national football team for 'Larger Than Life,'" van Buuren added. "Our track embodies the faith required to make dreams come true and I hope its euphoric and positive tone will inspire everyone listening to the track."

With its electrifying energy and heartfelt message, "Larger Than Life" promises to lift spirits and propel the Dutch team towards triumph, embodying the very essence of unity and perseverance on the grand stage of the European Championship. Take a listen to the new track below.