Armin van Buuren reveals new Web3 community ‘Armin’s All Access’

Armin van Buuren seems to have endless energy for his never ending list of projects and commitments, from releasing music, performing live and of course his weekly A State Of Trance mix show, the Dutch producer is constantly making headlines.  Coming off a massive, four hour ASOT Year End mix for 2022, van Buuren will soon be setting his sights on the digital world as he continues to reveal details for his new web3 venture, Armin’s All Access.

While the full details of the new venture have yet to be revealed, the website for the project does discuss that the man behind the artwork for the collection is digital artist, Rik Oostenbroek, who’s profile skyrocketed after launching the Arcus series and has gone on to work for major brands like Porsche, Apple, BMW, Samsung and BP.  For Oostenbroek, this opportunity to work with Armin van Buuren clearly meant a lot as he stated, ‘Having been a fan and avid listener of Armin van Buuren’s music since his formative years, teaming up with one of his heroes is a dream come true and adds a personal touch to the project!’

As for the project itself, Armin van Buuren has begun the rollout by creating a Discord server dedicated to the project and to engage fans, and provide updates as the official launch nears.

I wanted to create something that represents the soul of the AAA community. I got in touch with Rik Oostenbroek, who I’ve been following the past year and I absolutely love his artistic style. Rik created an exclusive piece of digital art based on the concept of glass, as glass can be both strong and breakable. That digital art is synonymous with the phases in life we both went through in life and will be the core of our new community: AAA (Armin’s All Access).

Be sure to join the Discord as the rollout for Armin’s All Access continues and hopefully fans will get a look at the art itself and the projects utility in upcoming weeks.


Image Credit: Ruud Baan / Provided by Armada PR

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