Armin van Buuren’s “Lose This Feeling” Harkens Back to His Early Clubbing Memories

With Armin van Buuren's latest single, the superstar producer is harkening back to a formative memory in his early adult life: the first time he set foot in a club.

The memory of losing yourself on the dancefloor for the first time is likely a near and dear one to many of the dance music faithful, and it's an emotional journey van Buuren is aiming to recreate with "Lose This Feeling." The euphoric trance anthem encapsulates that phantasmic feeling of being captivated in a state of wonderment. 

The track incorporates pitched vocals, bouncy rhythms and pillowy melodies inducing the feelings of warmth and belonging many have found under neon lights. Its spirited pace is stylistically in-line with the ascendant popularity hard dance in recent times, but van Buuren notes that its brisk pace also harkens back to what was stylistically in vogue during his own come-up in the club scene.    

"I love the current hype surrounding faster dance tracks," van Buuren said in a press release shared with "The sound takes me right back to the days when I started going to clubs myself, and I wanted my fans to be able to relive that experience as well. I also noticed that they’re going crazy to these high-BPM trance tracks at the moment, so I hope ‘Lose This Feeling’ is just what they need to recollect the feeling they had when they visited a club, festival or show for the first time."

You can listen to "Lose This Feeling" below and stream the new track here.



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