Bicep Announce Innovative Audiovisual Event Series and Record Label, “CHROMA”

Ever larger-than-life on stage, Bicep are going bigger and bolder after announcing CHROMA, an ambitious audiovisual crossover into colorful new territory for the duo.

The acclaimed tandem are revered for pushing electronic music's avant-garde, but but CHROMA promises multi-sensory optics the likes of which fans have not yet experienced. The project comprises the launch of a new record label, series of curated events and fresh visual identity with bespoke production, according to a press release shared with

Through the looking glass, it seems Bicep have engineered a kaleidoscopic live show designed to overwhelm the senses. Their synthy textures are already vivid enough to feel chromatic, but they're breathing new life into their signature sound by joining forces with David Rudnick's renowned creative studio Terrain and longtime "BICEP LIVE" visual collaborator Zak Norman.

The elastic nature of the new production is its pièce de résistance. We're told Bicep's CHROMA stage setup will establish an operative link between their decks and creative team, enabling the latter to adapt their visuals and lasers in real-time.

Bicep teased the show's trippy visuals for a crowd of roughly 15,000 at London's Drumsheds in December. The concert marked the first in an upcoming series of special CHROMA events, which the duo said will be "much more fluid, constantly evolving and changing on a week to week basis with lots more experimentation."

"Bicep Presents CHROMA" at the Drumsheds in London.

Sophie Harbinson

Meanwhile on the label side, CHROMA will essentially function as a latticework of left-field tracks that "don't really fit into the 'Bicep' sound" and represent music which otherwise "never sees the light of day," the duo said. Fans can expect a "wider musical palette and range of BPMs" and Bicep will release music under a number of aliases "with their own distinct sound and visual identity."

"We want to use CHROMA to push our sounds and challenge people more than we probably have in the past," Bicep explained. "The label is designed to evolve and draw on inspiration constantly, both musically and aesthetically. We're wanting to essentially create a world that's an up-to-date representation of us both personally in terms of our evolving tastes."

Bicep launched the imprint launched today by virtue of a spellbinding single, "CHROMA 001 HELIUM." You can listen to the new track below and find it on streaming platforms here.


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