BLOND:ISH Pushes Vinyl Industry Towards Sustainable Future With Biodegradable, Bacteria-Based Record

This first-of-its-kind vinyl compilation is entirely compostable.

BLOND:ISH continues to usher the music industry towards a plastic-free future with the release of the world's most sustainable vinyl record.

The environmental activist, dance music producer and Madonna collaborator has released #PlasticFreeParty, a compostable compilation album made of bacteria. 

Developed in partnership with the sustainability collective Evolution Music and Deepgrooves, the world's greenest pressing plant, the vinyl employs the use of PHAs, which function as bacterial-based replicators of physical plastics.

Bye Bye Plastic

BLOND:ISH's nonprofit Bye Bye Plastics cites that traditional vinyl records are the most emission-intensive music medium, generating 12 times the greenhouse gasses compared to other types of music media.

The novel concept succeeds without compromising on its sonic qualities. According to a press release, the record will only begin to activate the decomposition process with prolonged exposure to moisture or while unprotected in a natural environment, meaning the integrity of the record will continue to hold up simply with standard care of this unique vinyl composition.

The 14-track #PlasticFreeParty LP includes tracks from Shiba San, Chambord and more. Fans can now pre-order the album, which drops April 11th.



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