David Guetta Used AI to Generate an Eminem Deepfake Vocal—Then Dropped It at a Show

David Guetta got a kick out of AI's ability to replicate the distinct voice of the Detroit hip-hop legend.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

During a recent DJ set, David Guetta paid homage to Eminem, riling up the crowd by using a clever application of artificial intelligence technology. 

In a recent interview, Guetta explained that he prompted one AI application to write a verse about his signature future rave sound in the style of the Detroit hip-hop legend. He then took that verse and ran it through a separate platform to produce an eerie deepfake of Eminem's voice as though he were reciting the AI-generated bars himself.

Impressed by the results, Guetta played a snippet of the deepfake verse as a pre-drop vocal during one of his recent performances.

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The social experiment certainly proves to be a thought-provoking one given how accessible AI tech has become in recent months—and how seemingly easy it is to recreate an artist's vocals with uncanny accuracy. However, Guetta was quick to point out this particular stunt was all just for fun. 

"This is something that I made as a joke, and it worked so good, I could not believe it," Guetta said. 


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