Worlds Apart drops enchanting melodic bass single &#822….

Melodic bass trio Worlds Apart is back with their latest single, “Never After” with vocal work by singer Scarlett . Known for their emotive lyricism and beautiful soundscapes, “Never After” surely does not disappoint. “Never After” tells the tale of a person who enjoys living life spontaneously, a true free spirit who would rather die than to live a restricted life. Complete with elegant piano chords, dreamy and ethereal melodies, an energizing build and the mesmerizing vocals by Scarlett, “Never After” is yet another impressive tune by the talented trio and a song that is sure to uplift and spread positivity to their fans.

“Life is a fairy tale – sometimes light and filled with optimism and beautiful things; sometimes dark and filled with challenges and monsters around every turn. You can either be the character in your fairy tale, or you can be the storywriter – which one will you choose?” – Worlds Apart 


Worlds Apart’s Bio:

Worlds Apart is an artist trio that combines the collective minds of three individuals into a single creative vision. Through the fusion of electronic music production, lyric writing, videography, vocal performance, and visual arts, Worlds Apart is on a mission to spread a message of love, hope, and excitement to as many people as they can.

Lorenzo and Jason are the group’s producers and composers. Lorenzo is the primary DJ, and Jason focuses more on the production, mixing, and mastering side of the house. Ashley’s passion is with the visual arts, where she brings her visions to life through the creation of electronic, video, and photographic art.

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