New Leaving Laurel Song Arrives With Contributions From the Late Pierce Fulton

Gordon Huntley stumbled upon one of Pierce Fulton's notes regarding his unreleased music, and knew he had to see the late producer's vision through.

Gordon Huntley reflects that upon Pierce Fulton's tragic death, carrying on the legacy of their collaborative duo, Leaving Laurel, initially felt unimportant.

Now a couple years removed from the tragedy, Huntley opened up in a candid message on Instagram explaining that he recently turned to their unfinished projects to seek connection with the late artist.

"After quite a lot of time processing what had happened, I began digging through the pieces of what was left unfinished," Huntley writes. "Perhaps looking for answers, perhaps looking for a connection to my friend. In our shared music folder I came across a note from Pierce to himself. At some point, he was going to try to combine two of his short demos into one, and upon discovering this, something compelled me to see this idea through."

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Huntley's efforts to carry on on Fulton's vision have produced "the family we find," a new Leaving Laurel single out now via Anjunadeep. The track is a serene, piano-forward house single with dreamlike keys, teeming with ethereal soundscapes that induce a calming state of reflection.

The track marks the first posthumous single of Fulton's since his remix of yehno‘s "We Can" dropped in July 2021. Huntley then released Leaving Laurel's stunning debut album, an aching tribute to Fulton's memory.

Take a listen to "the family we find" below.


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