Doubling Down On Safety, End Overdose Aims to Train 20,000 at EDC Las Vegas Festival

After a successful campaign at EDC Las Vegas 2023, End Overdose has instated an ambitious goal to expand their life-saving training and naloxone distribution at this year's festival.

The industry-leading nonprofit is finalizing plans to train 20,000 festival attendees when EDC returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend. From May 17-19, End Overdose will teach them how to recognize and respond to overdose situations as well as distribute 20,000 doses of naloxone, a life-saving resource.

The initiative builds on the remarkable success of End Overdose's 2023 campaign at EDC Las Vegas, where their team managed to train 10,000 attendees and equip them with the tools to effectively handle potential overdose emergencies. The effort marked a significant milestone in the dance music community's fight against the overdose crisis, reflecting a growing recognition of the importance of proactive safety measures at large-scale music events.

The training focuses on the identification of signs of an overdose and the step-by-step process of administering naloxone, commonly known by its brand name Narcan. The medicine can rapidly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, often serving as the critical difference between life and death in such emergencies.

As EDC Las Vegas 2024 approaches, End Overdose is encouraging attendees to visit their booth to participate in the training. Taking a few minutes to learn life-saving techniques is a small investment with potentially life-altering returns, and through a combination of education, training and community support, they hope to create safer festival environments for all.

"We're able to reach hundreds of thousands of ravers in one weekend at EDC, and with the support of our friends at Insomniac, training 20,000 of them is in reach," Mike Giegerich, the organization's Director of Communications, said in a statement shared with "To anyone attending EDC, come by our booth, take our rapid three-minute training, and learn to save a life."

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