Effin Transforms Vintage Sounds Into Bass-Heavy Anthems With New EP: Listen

With his new EP, Effin's Jukebox Vol. 1Effin is proving that a little alchemy can transform musical relics into pure gold.

The seasoned producer masterfully spins vintage soul and modern synths into a bold symphony in the new project. It beams to life by virtue of its opening track, "Down Town," an effort that starts with a deceptive jazz ease only to explode into a maze of gritty bass. In a clash of epochs, Yung Joc meets Rita Reys to set the stage for an EP that boldly seeks to shatter stylistic boundaries.

Another standout, "Hypnotized," similar plays like a musical experiment gone right. Artfully sampling the laid-back swagger of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" alongside the melancholic strains of Betty Blake's "Lilac Wine," Effin crafts a haunting backdrop before the track escalates by layering frenetic, laser-like synths to challenge our perception of harmony and chaos.

Effin's mastery shines in how he stitches together disparate samples from drastically different musical backdrops. Like a modern-day Frankenstein, he animates these sonic fragments into a living, breathing beast of an EP. Each track is a showcase of his skill at navigating and repurposing the DNA of classic tracks, re-contextualizing them within the realm of electronic music in a way that not only pays homage to the originals, but also propels them into new, uncharted territories.

You can listen to Effin's Jukebox Vol. 1, out now on SoundCloud, below.