Floatie Races, Firetruck DJ Sets and More: Anything Goes at Dirtybird Campout

For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to describe a weekend at Dirtybird Campout.

Sure, the generalized depiction can be epitomized as a music festival, but that would be a disservice to the team at Dirtybird and everyone in attendance. It's not just another music festival. 

dirtybird campout

At its core, Campout is the antithesis of the cliché festival formula. The three-day camping experience differentiates itself from the rest thanks to its ability to forgo all the rules, allowing artists and fans alike to relinquish their egos in the name of fun. Teamwork and good old-fashioned fun are the name of the game at Dirtybird Campout.

Of course, music plays a major role at Campout as well. The weekender featured an array of talent from the esteemed Dirtybird label, with a mix of genres presented throughout the event's many stages and renegades.

EDM.com was on the ground at this year's Campout. And while it was physically impossible to partake in all of the revelry, what we did accomplish perfectly illustrates the spirit of this unique event.

Here are the top games, activities and musical performances we experienced at Dirtybird Campout 2022.

The floatie race

Dirtybird Campout takes place at the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in Central California and it takes full advantage of its lakeside locale. In what has become a staple of the event, the floatie race was hosted by VNSSA this year.

Keiki Knudsen __ @imkeiki (1)

The water balloon toss

With four teams cheering them on in the sidelines, participants in the water balloon toss got drenched by the end of the game. Head counselor Claude VonStroke joined in on the fun as well.

Keiki Knudsen __ @imkeiki (2)

Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke reunite as Get Real

Speaking of VonStroke, the Dirtybird cofounder reunited with Green Velvet for a very special performance as Get Real. This was one of his many DJ sets throughout the weekend, which included a sunrise set, a first for the festival.

green velvet claude vonstroke
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dirtybird campout

Floatie Races, Firetruck DJ Sets and More: Anything Goes at Dirtybird Campout

The adult summer camp-festival hybrid lets adulting take a backseat and embraces the inner child in all of us.

A new late-night stage: The Hideout

The aforementioned sunrise set took place at Campout's newest stage, The Hideout. Tucked away on the far west side of the venue, the stage played host to Justin Jay, Baby Weight, Cour T., Arnold & Lane and the annual family set.

dirtybird campout

The Ganja Garden

Another Campout first was the introduction of the Ganja Garden. Presented by Peoples Remedy, the cannabis-friendly area offered activities like bong-building and joint-rolling contests. 

Keiki Knudsen __ @imkeiki (3)

The rise of Nala

Not only is Nala celebrating the launch of her femme-led imprint, Mi Domina, but she's also basking in the success of her hit with fellow Dirtybird mates Walker & Royce. The energy of the crowd during her performance perfectly illustrated the well-deserved hype around Dirtybird's newest darling.

Keiki Knudsen __ @imkeiki (4)

A Chocolate Sushi renegade on a firetruck

We may not have photos to prove it, but believe us when we tell you that in the wee hours of Monday morning, Chocolate Sushi rolled up in a firetruck and performed immediately next to our campsite. Campout is known for its surprise late-night renegade parties, but this was next-level.

dirtybird campout

Reinvigorating yoga

Allowing your body to recharge after a night of debauchery is imperative, and the inclusion of yoga at Campout was clutch. Whether you're an experienced yogi or a newbie, morning yoga ensured a fresh start to the day.

Don Idio __ @divisuals

The Great Bingo Revival

You think you know bingo? Well think again. This rambunctious late-night game will easily beat your grandma's wildest bingo stories. The Great Bingo Revival has become a Dirtybird staple and it only gets more wild with each passing year.

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