Fred Again & Skrillex have swapped homes in hope of creative stimulation

Fred Again has taken over 2022 with his incredible Boiler Room set from earlier in the year, plus appearances with Swedish House Mafia and Four Tet as well as releasing his latest album, Actual Life 3.  The producer recently sat down with Zane Lowe where he discussed a whole variety of topics from performing, song writing as well as the decision for him and Skrillex to do a home swap for a period of time.

While fans anxiously await word on Skrillex music which never comes, Fred Again has spent the year hyping up the legend through his live performances as well as short social media videos where the two producers showcase some behind scenes of their creative process and general fun.  Of course a slew of ID’s from Fred Again’s now infamous Boiler Room set the internet into a frenzy with the first taste of music from the two producers, as well as the infamous track, Rumble, which also features work from Four Tet and Flowdan.  Apparently the two are so close, that they decided to do a home swap which saw Skrillex hunkering down in Fred Again’s London home while the British producer set up shop in Los Angeles.  While discussing the motivation and the impact of the switch, Fred Again revealed, “We’ve done a home swap at the moment so he’s staying at mine in London and I’m at his in LA, and it’s kind of lovely, but it’s just nice having a place here that is homely-ish feeling,” further adding, “So when I’m here I kind of have a base. It doesn’t feel like it’s a natural place for spontaneity. And being able to walk around and stuff like that.”  While the change of scenery was clearly an adjustment, he also noted:

“You can’t dispute the creative impact of the city and the frequency of that energy is a powerful one.  I think I’m getting to grips with it. Here has been a real game… Having, as I say, somewhere that feels like… This is the home of one of my best friends, so it’s so much nicer than just being in some anonymous hotel in West Hollywood.”

To hear more from Fred Again about the house swap as well as his relationship with Skrillex and overall creation process, check out the full interview with Zane Lowe right here:


Image Credit: Carl Pocket via Wikimedia Commons | License: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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