ILLENIUM’s New Graphic Novel Conveys the Storyverse of His Five-Album Career

Guided by his signature phoenix insignia, the decade-long storyverse of ILLENIUM will soon come to life by virtue of a graphic novel, Starfall.

The music of ILLENIUM's illustrious career has long been released in lockstep with a meticulous visual aesthetic. Spattered with blood-orange hues and luminous textures, the covers of all five of his albums comprise a cohesive latticework depicting his journey from lost soul to record-breaking music superstar.

The neon-splashed novel is a collaboration with renowned publisher Z2 Comics, with whom ILLENIUM developed a sci-fi saga to tell his "origin story." Starfall focuses on its protagonist, Nick, a young warrior in a totalitarian society who meets a mysterious woman, Ash, to overcome the demons of his addictions.

"The chance to bring my origin story to life in graphic novel form has always been a dream of mine," ILLENIUM, who also recently released an animated short film of the same name, said in a press release shared with "This will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen from me before."

The cover of ILLENIUM's new graphic novel, "Starfall."

Z2 Comics/Emilio Adrias

ILLENIUM isn't the only electronic music superstar to join forces with Z2 Comics. The company developed a sci-fi graphic novel last year to pair with Alison Wonderland's scintillating Loner album.

"At Z2 we’re constantly looking for partners to tell enthralling stories where music and comics collide, and ILLENIUM is the perfect collaborator," added Steve Ettinger, the company's VP of Marketing. "Whether through his intoxicating live shows or engrossing albums, ILLENIUM is a master entertainer and we’re overjoyed to explore a new avenue to delight his fans."

You can pre-order Starfall here for $79.99. The novel is expected to release on November 21st, 2023 in standard hardcover, deluxe hardcover and super deluxe editions. The lattermost version is limited to 100 copies signed by ILLENIUM and also includes a limited edition holographic collectors card in a magnetic case as well as an enamel pin, per Z2.



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