KOAN Sound Lead Fans to a World Away With Stunning Album, “Led by Ancient Light”

KOAN Sound are embarking on their most ambitious piece of musical storytelling yet with their new album, Led by Ancient Light.

It's been nearly five years since the influential glitch hop and neurofunk duo's prior effort, Polychrome. And in that time they've been very intentional about setting up the mise-en-scène of their latest chapter.

The resulting inventive concept album is accompanied by a novella and documentary from KOAN Sound, who have created a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the standalone audio alone. 

KOAN Sound.

Sarah Koury

From a production standpoint, Led by Ancient Light is a multi-genre masterpiece that captures the highs and lows of the hero's journey. The innovative tandem build tension with the smoldering opener "Embers of Chaos," add to the mystique with "Temple of Fervor" and drift into a dreamlike bliss with "Kindred Void."

All the while, KOAN Sound remain uncompromising in maintaining their signature sound while expanding upon it with the inclusion of orchestral instrumentation and intricate soundscapes. All said and done, it's a tour de force.

"We want the album to feel like an immersive journey that transports the listener into the narrative and sonic world that we constructed. We hope that the heartfelt message of the story resonates with listeners," KOAN Sound said in a press release. "In a world with increasing uncertainty about the future, we wanted to write a story about how deep personal meaning can be found under any circumstance, as well as the importance of the connection between all of us and the environment that we inhabit."

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