KSHMR Achieves Huge Social Growth from Global Gaming-focused Partnership With Free Fire

Warner Music Asia and Spinnin’ Records, the world’s biggest dance label and part of Warner Music Group, has grown KSHMR’s social channels by over 25,000 followers on Instagram, 300,000 on TikTok and 250,000 on YouTube, through a global gaming partnership, highlighting the audience cross-over between gaming and music. The campaign centred around Spinnin’s most famous DJ and his in-game inclusion to one of the world’s most popular mobile games, Free Fire, with his accompanying bespoke track, ‘One More Round’.

The campaign consisted of three crucial beats. The first beat announced the partnership and KSHMR’s in-game inclusion. The second beat gave a deep-dive into how and when the new character, named K and modelled on KSHMR, would be coming in the next game update. This was partnered with an exclusive song and music video, written and performed by KSHMR and Jeremy Oceans, for fans to engage called ‘One More Round’, which was a nod to the gaming community. The name of the track is based on the camaraderie between friends, how they will be there for one another, and will always be up for one more round, no matter what life throws at them. The final campaign beat saw the game update go live, along with a behind the scenes piece on the creation of the music video. KSHMR and Brazilian DJ, Alok, also hosted a livestream which covered all of the new game content, and music, for their fans.

The success of the partnership has been anchored by the increasing crossover between gaming and music. With KSHMR being a huge gamer himself, regularly live streaming on Twitch, the project really resonated with his fans and also brought in new fans in the gaming community. The UGC campaign saw over 75,000 fan-pieces created, organically reaching over 42 million people, and an additional social reach of over 50 million across KSHMR’s, Free Fire’s and Spinnin’ Records’ social channels.


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