Listen to CHEE’s “Polarities” EP, an Exploration of His Hunger for Innovation

"Polarities" is a formidable showcase of the South African bass music star's dedication to genre fluidity.

Renowned producer CHEE has dropped a brand new EP, Polarities, which arrives via Zeds Dead's Deadbeats.

The South African star has created a unique sound that's become more and more refined through the years. With a notable shift of focus to composition, rhythm and melody, CHEE is fine-tuning that sound with Polarities, which he called "by far my favourite piece of material yet."

Being exposed to a DAW at an early age, CHEE ultimately launched his project in 2014 after leaving high school. Having always had an interest in sound design, making musical "mudpies," he is sticking to his roots in Polarities while providing a new spin on his established sound.

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The single "Spangled" started his waterfall release with an influx of dark bass and hip-hop influences, which are punctured throughout in nuanced fashion. "Act Like You Know" follows similar themes with its menacing halftime drop and spouts of crunchy sound design.

Meanwhile, new tracks "The Wisp Song" and "Hold It," alongside the familiar "Rusty Nickels," are certainly highlights. Chock full of intricate foley and percussion, they each showcase CHEE’s hunger for experimentation and make the mind wander.

Known for his proclivity to push boundaries with his production, CHEE laces complex sound design through meticulously calculated arrangements in Polarities, a formidable showcase of his dedication to genre fluidity. Take a listen to the new EP below and stream it here.

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