Listen to Mind Against’s Uplifting Single, “Love Seeking”

Mind Against may be known for their eerie melodic techno sounds, but their new single, "Love Seeking," ventures into a new direction. The track is an ode to finding love on the dancefloor that channels the duo's roots through uplifting melodies.

Brimming with elation, "Love Seeking" takes a starkly different approach to Mind Against's sound by swapping dark, thumping techno for sun-kissed disco beats, Mind Against could be turning a new page with the song, where euphoric vocals compliment a funky bassline infused with a heavy dose of groove.

Mind Against's stunning new live show, ORBITAL, had already been captivating crowds across the globe prior to the release of "Love Seeking." The new single arrives under DJ Tennis' Life & Death banner, which acted as a propeller for the Italian duo's career over a decade ago when the imprint released "Avant."

Mind Against are now preparing to drop their new EP of the same name on August 9th. The release will include extended and club mixes as well as a "Love Seeking" remix from Innervisions label bosses Âme and new visuals by Hugo Richel, who has worked with the likes of Balenciaga and Lil Nas X.

Listen to "Love Seeking" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.