Look Inside Carl Cox’s Historic Headlining Performance at London’s Wembley Arena

What better way to celebrate a new EP—and the year's most anticipated electronic album—than with a massive party.

Carl Cox took "massive" to a new level on October 15th, taking over London's Wembley Arena for his first-ever headlining set at the iconic entertainment venue. But it doesn't stop there.

For the very first time, he treated attendees to music from Electronic Generations, his first album in 10 years. The impending record, Cox's first as a live electronic artist, has the feel of a tour de force for the legendary techno artist, who promised a "true electronic music experience" inspired by the crowds he has watched and directed in dance over his storied career.

The Wembley show was every techno fan's dream. Captivating lights and lasers blitzed Cox's fans as he commandeered an epic setup of synthesizers and drum machines. They sweated it out to live techno beats specially engineered to take over the hearts, minds and bodies of a crowd. And it was all with the knowledge that everyone there was witnessing history. 

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Carl Cox

Look Inside Carl Cox's Historic Headlining Performance at London's Wembley Arena

Cox commandeered an epic setup of synthesizers and drum machines for the show, where he debuted his upcoming album and treated attendees to history in the making.

"I honestly have no words, just love for you London party people," Cox wrote on social media the next morning of the "legendary night."

Here's a gallery of photos that capture the magic only Cox can bring to the stage. 

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