nikko’s “Deceiver” EP Is Where Nostalgia Meets the Cutting Edge

At just 17 years old, nikko is already demonstrating an uncanny ability to weave together sounds and emotions that belie his age, and his new EP serves as a prime example.

It's been a series of recent firsts for the ascendant producer, who after making his live performance debut with Brownies & Lemonade, teamed up with NIGHTMODE on his first label release, Deceiver.

The EP kicks off with "BETTER4U," a track that effortlessly marries the nostalgic charm of classic house with contemporary flair. The result is a track that feels like a heartfelt nod to the past while firmly planting its feet in the present, showcasing nikko's ability to bridge the generational worlds of dance music.

On the flip side, "Masta" is a daring departure into the realm of trap music, marked by an ominous intro that quickly escalates into a full-blown auditory assault. This track is a masterclass in tension and release, with pitch-bending vocal chops and a relentless barrage of warped risers that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. With "Masta" nikko aptly captures the raw, unbridled energy of the genre while infusing it with a level of controlled chaos and creativity that is often reserved for veterans of the genre.

An offering that spans the nostalgic to the innovative, nikko's label debut marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. Check out the EP below and find it on streaming platforms here.

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