The Caracal Project Delivers Innovative EP, “Self reflections:”

After a cliff-diving accident damaged his hearing last year, The Caracal Project completely changed the way he writes music. We can now hear that reinvention on Self reflections:, a stunning and introspective EP. 

Self reflections: personifies its title, looking inward to channel a novel sound that encapsulates The Caracal Project's own experiences. The EP masterfully weaves through a variety of instruments and sounds, all leading back to the virtuosic producer's drum & bass backbone. He leans on his own vocals through most of the record, fleshing it out with cerebral songwriting and ethereal production.

Fans have already gotten a taste of some of the music from the EP, but The Caracal Project offers two brand-new songs: "Popstar shit." (with Eugénie) and "You left me hanging." (with Class of 2023 star IMANU). The former embodies its experimental nature by twisting the project's drum & bass roots into a more breaks-oriented arrangement, and the latter lets his vocals shine while placing a creative and dynamic beat around them. 

The Caracal Project's daring jump into new waters has allowed his sound to flourish, placing him in a lane all his own. With an emphasis on writing music for live performances, we can't wait until he brings his one-of-a-kind live show stateside next month.

You can listen to Self reflections: below and find the new EP on streaming platforms here.