Öwnboss and Selva’s New “Rocket League” Track Is a Rallying Cry for the Mainstage

Öwnboss and Selva are mobilizing the mainstage after releasing "RIOT," their new collaboration.

Out now on Monstercat, the track was tailor-made for festivals with its anthemic production. The track's cornerstone, however, is its tribal chants, which evoke the free-spirited exuberance of rebellious youth.

The Brazilian compatriots recruited students from the latter's former São Paulo-based music school to record the song's chants and spunky refrain. "Right from the start, we thought that having kids singing on it would bring a whole different angle to the meaning of the lyrics," Selva said.

In the wake of last week's Monstercat release from Carola, "RIOT" is now set to debut on Rocket League as part of the vehicular soccer video game's Brazilian-themed 11th season. Users can hear the track by virtue of Rocket League's in-game radio station and in its new stadium, Estadio Vida.

Take a listen to "RIOT" below and stream the new track here.


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