Not Even Logan Roy Could Bash Subtronics’ Remix of the “Succession” Theme Song

In a twist that even Tom Wambsgans couldn't orchestrate, Subtronics has remixed the theme song from HBO's runaway hit series, Succession.

Known for his ability to transform any track into a sonic rollercoaster, Subtronics took the series' theme song and injected it with a healthy dose of bass, mutating it into one rife with the hot-blooded intensity of a corporate power struggle. It's the kind of musical coup that would make even the ruthless Logan Roy crack a smile—before swiftly firing the dubstep superstar.

Subtronics has not yet released his Succession rework, only sharing a snippet in a promotional clip for his bespoke line of kendamas, which sold out instantly. Fans who missed their chance can now pre-order the Cyclops Recordings-branded skill toy on the DJ's website.

We're unable to confirm whether or not Subtronics has plans to release the track, but you can get a taste below.

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