Rare 2007 Daft Punk “Alive” Footage Enhanced and Uploaded to YouTube

Daft Punk's 2007 “Alive” performances are considered to be among the most impactful in the history of live electronic music. Now, footage from the iconic tour has emerged surrounding the duo's performance at Wireless O2 in London, but it's required some unique enhancing in order to deliver it to the public.

Intriguingly, the exact lineage of the footage is not known, but it's speculated that the recording medium could have been on a MiniDVD Camcorder with an RCA input. Adding to the challenge is the fact that the original DVD sustained damage, leading to certain "hiccups" in the footage.

The complete, ultra-rare performance has been uploaded to the Remastered Memories YouTube channel, where the creator has gone through extensive work to repair the footage's flaws. That work included leveraging various bespoke AI applications in order to enhance quality, level the shot, remove unwanted panning in the audio and more.

The end result is a complete recreation of Daft Punk's June 16th, 2007 performance live from London. For those looking to enjoy the audio-only version of the performance, a separate 90-minute track has been uploaded to SoundCloud.

You can watch the performance and listen to its audio below. 


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