Riot Games, Monstercat and Noisestorm Reveal What Went Into Bringing “Crab Rave” to Teamfight Tactics

Ever wonder how EDM keeps finding its way into your favorite video games?

Out now on Riot Games' popular auto battler, Teamfight Tactics is the final patch of their "Remix Rumble" event, which features numerous character and gameplay adjustments. While we won't get into the finer details, interested players can watch the complete rundown from Gameplay Director, Stephen Mortimer, here.

However, one portion of this update has given dance music fans a reason to check out the game if they already haven't.

One of Teamfight Tactics' most infamous creatures with which to do battle is a giant crustacean dubbed "Crab Rave." At the time of the creature's launch, there was no special in-game music for this EDM-inspired NPC. Now, after the latest update, players will be able to jam out to Noisestorm's incredibly popular and ultra-memeable 2018 single while the giant crab decimates your team.

This, of course, is far from the first time we've seen electronic dance music invade video games, like with Riot Games' League of Legends and VALORANT as well as Monstercat's contributions to Rocket League. But how exactly did these partnerships come to life?

We spoke with some of the minds behind Teamfight Tactics as well as the Monstercat team and the creator of "Crab Rave," Noisestorm, to find out.