Grabbitz Forges His Own Path on Experimental New Album, “Let Them Only See Butterflies”

While many artists dream of one day carving their own lane, Grabbitz has done so since the early days of his career. With his new album, Let Them Only See Butterflies, he reinforces himself as a tried-and-true innovator.

Out now via Monstercat, Let Them Only See Butterflies is Grabbitz at his finest. Throughout the album's eight tracks, he does an immaculate job of blending electronic music with alternative rock, creating a captivating sound that's unlike what we often hear at that intersection. More than anything, however, it's an expression of his creative genius.

The album features two previously released singles, "Hero" and "Let It Bloom," and only only collaboration, the YULTRON-assisted "The World Is So Fucked Up." "SURRENDER PEACE!" is an exemplary showing of Grabbitz's transformative sound, taking the roots of drum & bass and layering them with aggressive guitar riffs and his own charming vocals.

"This album embodies a few things: becoming what you were meant to be, dealing with pain along the way, and embracing the ride," says Grabbitz. "I’ve been blessed to have accomplished some of the things I have in my career thus far, and I can’t help but to feel this burning momentum coursing through my veins everyday. Let Them Only See Butterflies represents that rise and stepping into your destiny."

With his unique sound and poignant songwriting, Grabbitz has long been considered a trailblazer in the electronic music space. He flourishes in Let Them Only See Butterflies, a formidable progression of his foundational skillset.

"I used that intense feeling to deliver this album based on raw intuition," Grabbitz continued. "Every album I release is simply a byproduct of my insatiable need to express myself through music. I would be on this journey with or without an audience, and I’m blessed to have one, and a supportive one at that."

You can stream Let Them Only See Butterflies here



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