Said The Sky on Grappling With the Inevitability of Goodbyes: “You Start Living for a Future That Isn’t Guaranteed”

Forget the dreamlike soundscapes and soaring vocals—Said The Sky's latest release strips pop-punk down to its emotional core, confronting the notion that sometimes "forever" is just a borrowed word.

In a world where goodbyes can come too easily, "Till I Met You" serves as a stark reminder to cherish the present, hold our loved ones close and let them know how much they mean before the final curtain falls.

The new single, a collaboration with good problem out now via Seeking Blue, tackles the gut-wrenching reality of impermanence. Gone are Said The Sky's airy melodies, replaced by distorted guitars and vocals pleading with a desperate urgency, a captivating cry for help that echoes the anxieties we all share.

Said The Sky and good problem rip open their collective heart to expose the raw ache of knowing even the deepest connections are just grains of sand slipping through an hourglass. Reminding us to embrace the ephemeral, their brooding lyricism explores the terrifying truth that life doesn't offer guarantees and even the happiest moments are tinged with the knowledge that they're temporary.