Sherm and Halil Sensei Release Ensnaring Club Track, “Toxic”

Sherm's innate ability to craft punchy house hits that resonate with the core of club culture is evidenced once again in intoxicating fashion.

Known for his electrifying DJ sets and the Sherm In The Booth podcast, Sherm, a name synonymous with Chicago's vibrant electronic music scene, has been on a relentless pursuit to push the boundaries of house music. His previous works, like the club-ready song "Real Life" and the spirited "No Tomorrow In Chicago," have already showcased his knack for producing tracks that inspire movement. 

With "Toxic," Sherm and Halil Sensei take that commitment a notch higher. The track is an embodiment of what makes a club anthem truly stand out: punchy rhythms, alluring lyrics and a magnetic energy that pulls you onto the dancefloor. Halil Sensei's tech house sensibilities bring a fresh and synergistic perspective to Sherm's sound and together they've managed to produce a song that doesn't just play in the background, but becomes the centerpiece of any club night.

"Toxic" is out now on the Hood Politics label, which was recently featured in's list of best industry leaders in 2023. You can listen to the new single below.