Azzecca Beckons the Daring to the Dancefloor With New Single, “Forget”

With music made to lose one's self in the moment, Azzecca is reminding us to forget. 

"Forget" marks the latest chapter in the saga of the burgeoning Azzecca, whose sonic palette dips into the deep, shadowy realms of techno and house music. A stalwart of Chicago's underground dance music scene, the producer's new single explores the fringes of acid. 

Guided by hushed lyrics, "Forget" lures listeners onto the dancefloor, only to plunge them into an ethereal abyss drenched in haunting reverb. As revving synths take the fore, "Forget" transforms into an all-encompassing experience that transcends mere listening, inviting dancers to lose themselves in the visceral energy of Azzecca's craft. 

Underscoring her prowess as a producer, "Forget" marks Azzecca's first original of 2024, which has the feel of a breakout year. You can listen to the new track below and find it on streaming platforms here.