Sam Blacky Drops Intoxicating Single from Upcoming EP, “Munca”

Sam Blacky has released "Munca," the second single from her forthcoming EP on Thrive Music.

"Munca" gives fans a taste of the worldly sound Blacky has lovingly embraced. Opening with an enchanting vocal and rhythmic percussion, the track quickly develops an intoxicating hook. This is the SoCal producer at her finest, taking inspiration from around the world and crafting a sultry beat that could heat up any dancefloor.

Inspired by Afro House music, Blacky says "Munca" is her favorite cut from the upcoming EP.

"When I was writing the melody I immediately fell in love, and the tribal vocal I layered on top just worked perfectly and gives the song such a beautiful, almost ethereal tribal rhythm," she said in a statement. "I've been really inspired by Afro House and World Music in general the last couple years—and my music, as well as my sets are gearing more and more towards that vibe. It's been a journey figuring out my sound in the public eye as most artists do that far before they even launch their projects. 'Munca,' as well as the other two songs, are another step closer in the direction of where I want to be."

Blacky has amassed a global following with her World-centric house sound. From playing renowned festivals like Coachella to playing in the jungles of Vietnam, she has quickly jumped into the limelight. Last year, she made her Repopulate Mars debut with her track "Colombiana." Earlier this year she released "Bogota," the first single from her forthcoming EP, which has no confirmed release date at the time of writing. 

Listen to "Munca" below and find it on streaming platforms here.



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