UZ Returns to His Roots With Bold “Secret Stash Vol. 1” EP

The trap don’s secret stash has been unsealed. 

At a time when he’s needed most, UZ is back like a masked avenger to restore trap music to greatness with a drop that illuminates what’s been on his mind. He's released a brand new EP, Secret Stash Vol. 1.

UZ’s early 2010’s "Trap Shit" series was a foundational pillar for the worldwide rise in trap music. With his latest offering, he’s back to recapture the spirit of that moment in electronic music history.

UZ comes out the gate swinging with the drum-forward “Beast,” a track that leads with the producer’s hard-hitting 808s and flashy synths in a drill-like cadence. Meanwhile, “Bad” slows things down a notch with plotting synth-work while showcasing his scratching. The don closes out by nearly blowing the doors off with “Throw Sumn,” a fiery collaboration with Yung Skrrt that serves as a timely reminder of the producer’s impact across both trap and rap. 

"Taking my music back to its roots was my goal with this new project,” UZ said. “The music I made for UZ was inspired by my love for hip-hop and electronic music. Though I love songs with vocals, my intent here was to give power back to the instrumentals in a nod to UZ's golden era and in celebration of the beat scene.” 

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